Missing entries with full swap

@impracticaldogg reports

I had found that entries from one author present in previous libraries (Zotero and Mendeley) were not found when I searched in JabRef (“No entries present”). This seems to be an intermittent issue that occurs when I have hundreds of megabytes of swap memory under Ubuntu. I’ve also seen it under Windows.

My browser keeps chewing up more and more memory over time. If I don’t keep it open I don’t have this problem in JabRef

I have 8GB physical memory and a similar amount of swap under Ubuntu, so it isn’t a hardware issue"

This is a follow up issue, as multiple (likely) separate issues have been reported in the original thread. The original post is here.

I wonder what browser you use that seems to have such a serious memory leak?

I did not know Windows also had a swap file. Good to know. I learned something

You might wanna check out Vast Memory Consumption on Ubuntu 20.04 · Issue #8416 · JabRef/jabref · GitHub also, but i am not sure, if both of your problems are in fact related.

I’m using Firefox. Chrome is even worse.

Unfortunately I’m addicted to keeping more than ten tabs open at a time so that I can follow up an unfinished thought at a later stage :slight_smile: