Missing "number" field in Export>BibTexXML

Hi everyone,

In previos versions the option to export>BibTexXML (*.xml) file allowed the field “number” in your xml data. Now this important field is missing.

There is a way to include the field “number” in BibTexXML (*.xml) export?



I took a quick look. BibTexXML exporter hasn’t been touched in ages, and it works for me (5.5).
I tested both bibtex and biblatex mode. The only reason could be that you have a non-numeric entry in the field. But that would generate an error/warning in the log.

  author = {Test},
  title  = {Test Entry},
  number = {666},


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<file xmlns="http://bibtexml.sf.net/">
            <title>Test Entry</title>