Movable searchbar

Dear Developers,

I used since years JabRef, and thank you all for the hard and excellent work. I test regularly the newest version of JabRef. We had no separated search bar in old version, then this bar is made separately, this reduces the usable height in the wide-screen age. But this is still usable, since it is under the tabs.

In the latest build, I find that the search bar is docked just under the main toolbar, so the usable workspace is reduced even more and makes the reading be more difficult.

I was wondering, if the search bar can be movable, or this has been decided without any possibility of modification. Or probably there’s a way to reduce the toolbar icon size ?

Thank you all,

As you can see in the following figures, we have less and less vertical working space,

In 2.xx version The search bar is in left panel, tight main toolbar.
From 3.0 version, The search bar is blow the tab bar
In latest bild 3.7 version, the search bar is above the tab bar, and below the main toolbar and larger sizes:

Dear h3691512,

This is less of a problem on higher resolution displays, but I understand your point. Unfortunately, there is no option to move the search bar inside the GUI. Also, icon size is currently not resizable, but the font size is: Options-> Preferences -> Appearance -> “Menu and Label font size”. This may help you a little.

Furthermore, if you extend the JabRef window to the right, the search bar will eventually float over to the toolbar, as you can see in the following screenshot from my JabRef:

But I am unsure if this really helps you if you have a lower resolution display.