Move/copy a PDF file for an entry WITHOUT renaming

When I used JabRef version 4.X, I could drag-and-drop (D&D) a PDF file to the entry of interest to move the PDF file to my JabRef file folder and to link it with the entry simultaneously. Version 5 lost this capability. My suggestion is to assign a modifier key to work with D&D to achieve Move/Copy without renaming (as follows for an example).
Copy and rename : Ctrl + D&D
Copy WITHOUT rename : Shift + Ctrl + D&D
Move and rename : No key + D&D
Move WITHOUT rename: Shift + D&D
Link : ALT + D&D
Please read below for more detail.

Entry Editor - JabRef explains the how combinations of D&D with modifier keys work as follows (for Windows, in my case);

  • Move: Ctrl + D&D
  • Copy: Shift + Drag or no key + D&D
  • Link: Alt + D&D

With version 5.3 on Windows 10, what happens are different form aforementioned info, and actually go as follows;
Copy and rename: Ctrl + D&D
Move and rename: Shift + D&D, No key + D&D
Link: ALT + D&D
(I don’t find any combination to achieve “Move without rename”.)

Ctrl and Shift modifier’s functions are interchanged in the linked site. More importantly, both Move and Copy functions rename the file. I saw the functions of “Shift + D&D” and “No key + D&D” are redundant. I would suggest that changing “Shift + D&D” for “Move without rename” and “Ctrl + Shift + D&D” for “Copy without rename”.

I would appreciate if you consider this modification for new JabRef version.

Thank you.