Naive export question on Jabref 5.0

As a new user I would appreciate some advise on exporting selected references from Jabref into a document.
As a specific example I would like to copy selected references into a Microsoft word document using the APA bibliographic style.
What I am not sure of is how I select the APA style (do I need to add it?) and how do I copy the selected references so they can be pasted into the word document in APA style. Thanking you in advance :blush:


thanks for using JabRef! :slight_smile:

there are actually two ways to do this:

  1. You can export all your (selected) references to MIcrosoft Word XML format and then use Words Apa style. See here for how it’s done:

  2. Manually copy the references in Apa format:
    In JabRef -> Options -> Preferences -> Entry preview -> Select the style from the left
    (American Psychological Association …)

Hit save and now when you select an entry, you can hit F9 to cycle through the entry preview until your configured style is shown.
Then you can simply copy the formatted reference.


Many thanks Christoph for your speedy and concise reply. Works very well. I am all set now :yum:
For interest is there a way to manually copy more than one preview at the same time, say a copy preview or export APA

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of course that’s possible in JabRef as well!

You can select multiple entries and then do a right click -> Copy…
Select Copy citation HTML and then in Word, right click -> Paste options (Keep original formatting)
(I only have the German word version here, so I am not sure how exactly it’s called in your version)

I don’t know how your references are oganized, but you could create a new group for those references you want to “export/copy” and then assign the entries to that group.
Now you can simply select the group and select all entries of that group and to the above steps.

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Many many thanks Christoph. These tips have made the world of difference to my use and understanding of Jabref. All the best

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