NASA ADS fetch engine in web search needs update

The SAO/NASA ADS fetch engine inside the “web search” seems to be not working, because the good old ADS system has been deprecated some days ago. The new ADS is at

I can fetch items through the BibTeX–> New entry --> ID-based generator and entering DOI, but ADS fetch engine always used to fetch the abstract as well, which has been so very beneficial.

So I kindly ask you contributors to look into this and hopefully fix this function. Thank you always.

What version of JabRef are you running?
This has been fixed in version 5 (the dev snapshot).
You can find the builds at on
The issue has been fixed with the PR
to run with the official API

Thank you very much, I was indeed using 4.3.1 and didn’t know the dev version had it fixed. Now I’m happy with this fix. Thank you again.