NASA ADS fetch engine in web search needs update

The SAO/NASA ADS fetch engine inside the “web search” seems to be not working, because the good old ADS system has been deprecated some days ago. The new ADS is at

I can fetch items through the BibTeX–> New entry --> ID-based generator and entering DOI, but ADS fetch engine always used to fetch the abstract as well, which has been so very beneficial.

So I kindly ask you contributors to look into this and hopefully fix this function. Thank you always.

What version of JabRef are you running?
This has been fixed in version 5 (the dev snapshot).
You can find the builds at on
The issue has been fixed with the PR
to run with the official API

Thank you very much, I was indeed using 4.3.1 and didn’t know the dev version had it fixed. Now I’m happy with this fix. Thank you again.

Is there a chance this is fixed in version 3.8.2? I generally prefer versions available in the repositories (I use Ubuntu 18.04). Version 5 is also available there, but it seems quite buggy and the ads fetch still doesn’t work. If this is not planned to be done, will a stable new version be uploaded in the repositories soon?


We sadly don’t have the resources to backport fixes to earlier releases.

But the good news is that we are shortly before releasing a final version of JabRef 5. There will be a last beta in a few days and if we don’t get back critical bug reports we will release 5.0 shortly after.

Brilliant, looking forward to it. Thanks.