On Win7 part of Jabref does not close proberly

Yesterday, in the evening when closing down my desktop, I noticed in the Task Manager more than 9 open JR sessions. While I am sure that I have not opened them, they may have arisen by using jabfox. While some of them used only tiny amounts of memory some of them used more than 100 MB. I report this here, since I cannot (yet) repeat it. But others may have similar issues and not having noticed them.
I am using the 4.0 snapshot from 27.03.2017.


Did you check the option Listen for Remote operations in the Advanced-Settings tab?
This prevents JabRef from opening more than one instance.


Yes that is ticked.
BTW This morning I have again seen two jabref entries in the taskmanager where one could easily be stopped. I then noticed while clicking the jabref symbol twice in the symbol bar, two entries in the task manager appeared, one did not become functional.

I can confirm this (also on Win7) with the recent master build. When you have that option ticked and double-click on another bib file, a second process spawns and the bib file is opened in the first process (as intended). After this has happened, the second process should shutdown on its own, which it does not. I also get the message “Arguments passed on to running JabRef instance. Shutting down.” in the log, but the code that follows this message seems to be insufficient to stop the process.

The feature was working fine when I last looked at it in the 3.X builds. Might this be related to the switch to JavaFx? Maybe some GUI-bootstrapping that does not finish on its own?

Can another person reproduce this behavior?

bugreport #2698