How to upgrade portable version

I am currently using 4.3 portable version and would like to upgrade to new 5.2 version. What is the correct way to upgrade so I can keep all the settings? Do I need to do “export” and “import” or I just need to keep and overwrite a specific setting file?
I also noticed the format changed: 4.3 portable is a jar file, while 5.2 is a directory containing an exe file.
Thank you very much.


Thanks for using JabRef!

First it’s recommended to create a backup of your library before trying out the new version. For example, the group format and some other fields have changed.
On startup JabRef reads the preferences and runs the migration to the new version. To be safe you can also make an export before and import them later, if something wasn’t right.
Starting with 5.1 JabRef is shipped with a customized version of Java that only contains the required files for the operating system, so we do not depend on the version the user has installed.

To sum up, just make a backup of your library before and then simply start the new version.