LibreOffice style not recognized by JabRef

With JabRef 3.8.2 and LibreOffice on Debian testing, I am unable to get JabRef read the style created in LibreOffice. I am using the prescribed following method to create a style

Even though I can see the new style created, and despite having included it in .jstyle file as follows,

I get an error on trying to sync JabRef-LibreOff as:
“Your style file specifies the character format “NewStyle” which is undefined in your current LibreOffice document. The character format is controlled by the citation property CitationCharacterFormat in the style file.”

I have extensively searched, and tweaked, without success and hence this message. Grateful for any help

I could figure it out. The Style has to be for “Character”, not any other type. You can select Character type as the second icon at the top of window created after getting help on Styles by typing F11.