Release of 5.0 stable


just wanted to ask if there is a coarse schedule on how JabRef is released in the future? Roughly in which quarter can we expect the final release of 5.0? What has to be done until then?


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we cannot gurantee a fixed or planned date. It’s done when its done :wink: We hope of course to finish as soon as possible but as all our developers work in their free time on JabRef and have therefore other obligations as well, we cannot do any estimate.

Regarding, the things which have to be done:
We have this milestone which shows the issues which are still open:

However, some of these depend on external libraries .

@Siedlerchr Sure, as with every FOSS project no guarantees can be made. And with everybody working on it voluntarily time spend on development is varying. But from your experience, how long does it take from the first beta to stable? 2 months, 12 months or 2 years or 5 years?

Looks like JabRef 5.0 is coming soon! This week-end according to