Restore PageInfo in LibreOffice document


I am using JR 4.0 with LibreOffice (OS: WinXP).

I often use the “cite special” functionality of JabRef to insert citations into LibreOffice and to add the exact page numbers where I cite from.

Now, after destroying this PageInfo (I supposed it is called like that as when styling it using jstyle the separation character is called PageInfoSeparator) in a 22page office file, I wonder where it is saved. I would expect it to be stored in the odt-file? Is there any means of restoring it? Where from?

To add a few details:
I edited the jstyle to customize the way citations are formatted (and also the formatting of the reference list) and there I set a wrong ReferenceParagraphFormat (‘wrong’ means I used one, that I did not define in the odt before), so when I asked JabRef to update the references and reference list in the odt, I received an error prompt from JabRef.
Later, after correcting the above mentioned and keeping on working on the document the whole day, I saw, that all the pageInfo in all the citation fields in the odt were destroyed.
I have a backup of a previous version of the odt including full and correct citations with page numbers, but to update my current work, it needs a lot of manual work either way - either to update the backup file or to re-insert each and every citation with jabref.
I will do the first mentioned, anyway, but would like to know for the next time:
I wonder, how and where this PageInfo is saved and if there is any means of restoring it, meaning: maybe it’s still there, only not displayed?

I saw in this post that author + year are handed to LibreOffice as one string. But how about the pageInfo?

Please, does anyone have a hint?


first of all I recommend upgrading to JabRef 4.1 as it includes a lot of bug fixes
Another user recently asked the same, so I can link the answer here:

You can change that “special information” when you go to Manage citations in the LIbreIOffice Side Panel and do a double click on the entry. There you can modify the extra information.

From a quick test the special information is only stored in the citation in LibreOffice. When you open a document with citations, JabRef apparently rereads the info from the citation.
If you are lucky they could still be there.

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Thanks a lot @Siedlerchr!
And also thanks for the recommendation to update. I did so, but JabRef 4.1 seemed to crash more often when I used the WinXP clipboard. That’s why I went back to 4.0 (where the same error occurs as well, but this is another topic not to be solved here). Nonetheless, I re-updated to v4.1, again following your hint.

Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky with my current LibreOffice document and the special info were not stored there anymore, but I am now thinking about a way of quickly copying them manually from the backup file using two instances of JR and LibreOffice (on two machines) and using the “manage citations”-dialogue parallelly.

Thanks again for the quick help!