Search for words containing umlauts

Is there any possibility to search for words containing umlauts or other special characters without actually typing in the latex code for it?
For example: I have an entry int the bib.tex file containing the word "{"U}bergr{“o}{\ss}e”, which I want to find. If I search for “Übergröße” I have zero hits. Do I really have to search for "{"U}bergr{“o}{\ss}e”?
The German language contains way too many words with way to many umlauts, so it would be way too much work to always type in the latex code.
Please help!

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At the moment, JabRef does not support this type of search.

If you would use UTF-8 for your biblatex or bibtex (with bibtex8 as only this package supports unicode) file, you could use the UTF-8 characters like ä or ö in your search. Maybe this could be of help?