Cannot find how to protect terms listed in "Protected terms files" (i.e. enclose between {})

Under Clean up entry–>Enable field formatter I cannot find the option “Protect terms” that should put the terms specified in the “Protected terms files” between curly braces, i.e. FBI —> {FBI}.

Any hints?



HI, indeed it seems to be missing there. But you can do this on a right click on any field in the entry editor, for example author/editor

Thank you for your reply. However, it seems to me that in this way it is only possible to protect terms one entry at time; it would be useful to be able to apply protection to all selected entries via Clean up entries.



  1. Select all entries with ctrl + A

  2. use edit > manage field names and content and add another field to all entries called “zzz”
    This is necessary, because the last field in bibtex / biblatex entry is usually without comma, therefore if you miss this step here, finalizing the next step will lead to the last field within the entry lacking the second brace.

  3. use edit > find and replace (Ctrl + R):
    Find and replace }, with }}, and all = { with = {{

  4. Delete the zzz field again by using edit > manage field names and content. Choose zzz + clear fields + overwrite existing values.