Specifying JVM command line options when starting JabRef

Hi there,

I am using JabRef both personally and as an example project for software engineering lectures at university.

Now I wanted to demonstrate Jubula (UI testing tool) together with JabRef but this brings me to my limits. JabRef is based on JavaFX which Jubula can handle. However, for applications running on Java versions beyond Java 9, Jubula needs the apps to be started with the JVM option:

--add-opens=javafx.controls/javafx.scene.control.skin=ALL-UNNAMED --illegal-access=permit

Since JabRef switched to binary deployment (I am using Win 10), is there still a way to configure JVM command line options used for startup? I am also not sure if specifying the option alongside the --add-export options mentioned in the documentation https://devdocs.jabref.org/getting-into-the-code/guidelines-for-setting-up-a-local-workspace#setup-for-intellij-idea and building JabRef myself would have the desired effect. Anyways, directly specifying start options would definitely be easier.

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Looking around I think I found the answer myself.
There is are batch and script files in JabRef/runtime/bin.

From those, the needed command line call can be derived. Using the shipped JVM from inside the mentioned folder the call I looked for would be:
java --add-opens=javafx.controls/javafx.scene.control.skin=ALL-UNNAMED --illegal-access=permit -p ..\..\app -m org.jabref/org.jabref.JabRefLauncher

Unfortunately, Jubula is still not working with JabRef. If, by a coincidence, anyone has ideas on that topic any help would be appreciated. But I guess, a topic in the Jubula forum might be necessary.


unfortunately I don’t have any experience with Jubula, but it would be nice if you could keep us updated, if you found a solution or direclty add it to the devdocs.