Subgroups number of entries doesn't add up to all entries

Issue is the title. I’d appreciate some insight on why is this happening. My groups are organized as shown below. At a point it occurred to me that when I add up the subgroup entry counts, it exceeds the total count of all entries. At first I thought that the difference could be entries without a group. Searched using the regular expression groups != .+ and no result came up. A later thought was that there were multiple overlaps between the subgroups, but that doesn’t seem to be the case either as the number of overlaps is somewhat low compared to the 425 entries of difference. Looking forward to some help.


Could you provide screenshots of the groups configuration?

I suspect some entries are part of multiple groups.
You can find out which entries share groups by toggling to intersection and then selecting two or more groups:


As mentioned above I thought that could be the case. Indeed when the intersection is toggled, entries that share groups do come up, but they don’t seem to add up to the difference between the 2 counts.

As for the groups configuration, are you referring to the “edit group” windows for each one?

If the number of overlaps is too low, another explanation could be that maybe the counter also increases if an entry is added to the same group multiple times.

In the {} biblatex source tab, such an entry would look roughly similar to the following example:

groups = {Springer, Springer},

Edit: Nope. I just tested. JabRef does NOT count this twice.

Is there a counter for how many entries are selected? Could by any chance entries with groups = {} exist but not show up when searching for them explicitly?

Edit: took me a while but the shared entries do add up to the difference. Sorry for wasting your time sir/madam xD

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yes, indeed :slight_smile:

But great that you found the culprit!