Submission new custom style

I have prepared a style for the journal Cancers that matches all the journals of the MDPI Publishing. Is it possible to publish it on the related website? And if yes, how?

@Gigiux That’s cool and would surely be a great addtion! You can submit a PullRequest here with you rstyle GitHub - JabRef/ OpenOffice style files for JabRef

Hello, I tried but I could not load the file on the Pull request. How should I do it? Thanks


First create a Fork of the repository (top right corner “Fork” )
You will be redirected to your fork then. Afterwards, you can simply to “Upload a File” and create a commit. The file will be uploaded to your copy of the repository.
Go back to GitHub - JabRef/ OpenOffice style files for JabRef and create a PR. The PR will then include your file.

If this sounds too complicated, you can also create simply a new issue and upload the style (just add .txt or so as extension)

OK, it should have gone through. Thanks