How to integrate external jstyles

Hi there,
I’m trying to integrate a personal jstyle into Jabref (Win10 Jabref 4.3.1), but can’t find how to make it permanent. Tools -> OpenOffice/LO connection -> Select Style -> + Button -> Select my style file to load works fine but after closing Jabref the style isn’t available anymore in Jabref and I have to reinstall the file again. I have the feeling I’m missing some step; anyone got a suggestion?

this is odd. Normally it should be saved when you specify it there.
Could you please test if this is still the case with the latest development version? (Please make a backup of your database before)

If it still does not get saved, please open an issue at our Bug tracker at github


Wow, thanks for the ultra quick respons. Problem persists with the latest development version, will report the bug.