Where to put jstyle file

I am using Jabref 3.8.1 and Libreoffice on Debian Stable Linux. I am very impressed with Jabref software and want to use it even more.

I have a jstyle file which I want to use. But I am not able to find how to load it- does it need to be loaded to Jabref or to Libreoffice. I cannot find any button in Jabref for it to be loaded from disk. Do I need to keep in a particular folder in disk. Please help. Thanks.


thanks for your kind words!
Go to Tools -> OpenOffice/LO connection -> Select Style -> HIt the + Button -> Select your style file to load
The file can be put somewhere on your disk.

For further information look at the help:



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Yes. I get it now and it works perfectly.

If I cut a line containing a reference and place it somewhere else, the reference gets converted to plain text. Is there any way to move around the lines with reference within the document so that the citations are kept active and numbers rearraged and the bibliography also readjusted?