Subtitles in JabRef?

On stackexchange someone recommended that I use a subtitle for a Manual with a multi-part title.

Unfortunately in JabRef for the Manual type I cannot see this field. How can I introduce a subtitle into the Manual entry using JabRef?

To add the subtitle field in the GUI:

  • in JabRef < 5: BibTeX --> Customize entry types.
  • in JabRef 5: Options -> Preferences -> Define general fields (in JabRef 5).

Note that the subtitle field is not standard for bibtex (it is standard with biblatex).

I’m using version 4.3.1. I selected “Customize entry types” and checked in the drop-down menu under both Optional and Required fields but subtitle is not there. Only maintitle and mainsubtitle are…

Using version 4.3.1 on a biblatex database, the subtitle field exists for the entry type manual.
If you really need the subtitle field in a bibtex database, I see two possibilities (not tested…):

  • Options -> Preferences -> Define general fields (it should work in JabRef 4)
  • Adding manually (i.e. with a text editor, not with JabRef) the field subtitle (and its content) to your entry.