Create Bibtey entry with BibTex standard fields


I’m trying to create a BibTex entry with some BibTex standard fields set. Unfortunaltely, I cannot find the type field or institution and wondering why there aren’t displayed since they’re caled standard fields in the docs.

When I manually edit the BibTex file and add these fields, they appear under ‘Other fields’ tab in JabRef. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, because it doesn’t seem the right way to me. To be clear, I want to create these fields via the GUI and don’t want to edit the file manually. Is that possible?

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Using recent versions of JabRef, I have the field Institution in my @techreport entries and the field type in the @phdthesis entries, so, I can only try to guess why it is not the case for you.
May be your database is in biblatex mode? (check in the menu Library → Library properties → General).

We carefully follow the conventions by BibTeX and BibLaTeX. They define different entry types with different fields. Note that your BibTeX processor (e.g., the tool bibtex or biblatex) use the entry type to render the entry. Thus, it does not help to add a field institution manually, because it won’t be rendered as default.

To make things worse, each publisher (e.g., IEEE, ACM, Springer) has its own style. Thus, when publishing at IEEE, an entry could be rendered differently as with ACM.

You can read on at About BibTeX and its fields - JabRef, where also some more pointers to the bibtex manual (tame the beast) can be found.