Ubuntu Snap - old version


I recently started using LaTeX and I found out about this software. After using it for maybe two days, it looks nice to me.

I wanted to install JabRef through Ubuntu 20.04’s “Ubuntu Software”. When I find it there I have this options:
Snap - latest/stable - 5.1.60000
Snap - latest/candidate - 5.0.44
Snap - latest/beta - 5.1.60000
Snap - latest/edge - 5.3.142

I was wondering whether somebody could update Snaps (mainly latest/stable to 5.2) so that we can have the latest version through operating system so that we don’t have to think about updating?
When I entered the program (v5.1) it displayed the information that new version is available, but I have to download it manually.

Best regards,
Stefan Bošković


I just did a new re-release of the 5.2 snap for latest stable, candiate and latest beta.
Edge is always the most recent development version.

Thank you very much.

@Siedlerchr Is it possible to remove the manual update notice in the snap?