Use School instead of Institution as a required information for a PhDThesis entry

I notice that in the Required field for PhDThesis entries, Institution is used on JabRef 4 while a lot of journals’ bibtex standard is to use School as the field name (like APS Physics Review journals). Is that possible to let users to customize the default required fields for entry classes like PhDThesis, MasterThesis and so on? Maybe there has been one such option, but I may have missed it.


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This option already exists, just go to Bibtex -> Customize Entry Types
There you can add a new one or just change required/optional fields of existing ones


Thanks, that works for me.

Hey, I am coming back again for a related problem. Do you know if Institute is more popularly used or School? I am working on my dissertation now, and the bibtex template seems using a different standard than I thought. If there is a standard on this type of bibtex class, please let me know. Thanks.

Institute is not a standard BibTeX key, while school is (for thesis).
Note that Institution exists for techreport.
A ressource that may help you is available on the CTAN:
(you may start with the documentation entitled “Using BibTeX”)

Ok, I found the default fields in the document. Thank you for the ref!

As far as I remember, at least in biblatex they are treated as alias, e.g. school <-> institution