SCHOOL and INSTITUTION both defined at the same time


It seems that as soon as SCHOOL is defined in a BibTeX entry, INSTITUTION automatically gets the same value and vice-versa. Is there a way to prevent this?

I’m trying to define custom cleaned bibtex Entry preview and Export formats where both fields are used.



I could not reproduce the behavior you report: Entry type “PhdThesis” has the field “School”, but no field “Institution”. And entry type “TechReport” has the field “Institution” but not the field “School”. And this is consistent with the BibTeX format (

Which version of JabRef are you using? And which entry type are you considering?

Ok here is a detailed example:

1 - Define the “Entry preview” “Customized preview style” as


2 - Create a TechReport with the INSTITUTION field filled and a MasterThesis entry with the SCHOOL field filed.

3- Hit F9 to see them as preview.

In both of them, both INSTITUTION and SCHOOL are defined when only one of them should be.

This prevent from being able to create a generic BibTex “Customized preview style”.


Thank you for providing this example. Indeed, I was able to reproduce what seems to be a bug.
Please, could you report the issue at


are you using biblatex or bibtex mode?
In biblaex, they are defined as alias fields, so JabRef resolves them vice-versa for the entry preview.
The bib file itself is not modified

Refs Problem with Exporting techreport, phdthesis, mastersthesis to HTML - #2 by Siedlerchr

An alternative option would be use the conditional formatting:

Maybe the alias for biblatex is also active for BibTeX?

I have tried very hard to use the conditional formating but I could not come up with a proper condition. The only difference between phdthesis and techreport is the bibtextype of the publication and, as far as a know, you can’t create a condition based on different bibtextype.