Problem with Exporting techreport, phdthesis, mastersthesis to HTML

Hi, I have been having an issue since Jabref 5.0 with exporting some entrytypes (TechReport, PhDThesis, MastersThesis) to HTML. The “school” or “institution” fields appear twice in the generated html.

For instance, the BibTex entry

author = {A. Lovelace},
institution = {arXiv},
title = {Bernoulli numbers},
year = {1842},

is exported as

techreport (Lovelace1842)
Lovelace, A.
Bernoulli numbers
arXiv, arXiv, 1842

(there arXiv appears twice)

Help anyone ?


Thanks for your report. The problem is simply that the fields School and Institution are treated as alias fields, this means that you can put school in your export template and JabRef will take either the value school of the field value of institution of your entry.

And I noticed that we actually have both fields defined in the export html template. This explains your issue.


  1. Copy three simplehtml or whatever you use for export to a new folder
    2,Modfiy the last line of the simplehtml.layout , remove the \begin{institution}\format[HTMLChars]{\institution} from the template
  2. Add a new custom export, point to the modified file simplehtml.layout

I create a fix for it

Removing \format[HTMLChars]{\institution} or alternatively \format[HTMLChars]{\school} from my layout file (as a matter fact, tablerefsbibselect.layout) did work. Thank you for your help!