Use variables in file path

Use case: I’m working on different computers (work, home, sometimes the PC of my spouse, etc.). I sync both my bib database and my paper collection with different ways (SVN and currently Dropbox). The user name and even the sync directory have different paths on the different machines. Therefore all the downloaded files have a non-existing path at the different computers. I would like to use a variable in the file path definitions, which variable would point directly the path where my files are. Something like $JABREF_DOCUMENT_PATH/einstein1904.pdf
The variable above will be set at every machine according the location of the documents.

Is it possible? I’ve not found it searching the docs. If it is not implemented not could you add it?


I think the easiest way would be to configure on each machine a user specific file directory in the library properties. That is used based on the current logged in user at the machine.