Drag and Drop between files


(Ingmar Lippert) #1

it would be great if it was possible to drag and drop entries into another bibtex file that is opened (but hidden) in another tab.

Please vote if you support this proposal:

  • I would like to have this feature, too!
  • I don’t care.

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(Christoph) #2

As a workaround you could simply copy & paste the entries from one database to the other

(Ingmar Lippert) #3

I completely agree, but for masses of copies this is very time intensive.

(Matthias Geiger ) #4

You can select and copy more than one entry by holding the CTRL key pressed while select the entries with the mouse.

(Ingmar Lippert) #5

Yes, sure. But this presumes I know in advance all the entries that I do want to mark. In my use case, however, I have to look up a range of entries, often correct aspects.

I guess a work around is to group all entries and then, after all the work and selecting, mark all group members and copy those.

(Matthias Geiger ) #6

Yes, that would be a good workaround for your use case.