JabFox don´t work whith Firefox 57

(Anselmo Lucio) #1

JabFox is incompatible with the new Firefox Quantum. Will there be a JabFox update for this browser? Thank you very much.


(Tobias Diez) #2

I’m working on a new version (https://github.com/JabRef/JabFox/pull/41 and https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/pull/3246) but it is not yet working. A complete rewrite of the old add-on was necessary and thus it is a lot of work.

For the moment you are advised to keep using Firefox 56 and Zotero 4.

(Anselmo Lucio) #3

Ok! Thanks Tobias, you are doing a great mission for all us. Congrats.


(Bernhard Kleine) #4

The new version will very welcome. There is hopefully support for newer zotero versions, too.


Firefox 57 seems to break a lot of extensions.

I just went back to Firefox52 ESR, which receives all security updates, so should be a safer way to run Firefox pre-57 than not updating.

(Bernhard Kleine) #6

If you have zotero (here version 5) working in the background from firefox (the newest version) you can save to zotero and import the zotero bibtex export into jabref. A little work than jabfox but working quite nicely.

(Anselmo Lucio) #7

Thanks, Bernhard! Yes I have Zotero and I will try it. Regards,