Automatically create associated notes text file


Many thanks to all the developers for this brilliant product!

Here’s the problem that the feature I propose solves: I have very long notes on articles I read formatted in tex currently in the annotate field; JabRef saves them without any spacing, so they’re hard to read. The proposed feature automates note taking and prevents the .bib file from unnecessary bloat.

Feature proposal: when a new .bib entry is made, an associated text file with a user specifiable format containing the entry is automatically created in a user designated folder. So for example, the text file might have the .bib entry followed by “Key Points” and a few spaces later, “Detailed Notes” which I can start filling in immediately. (When the entry is updated in any way, the associated text file only changes the data from the .bib entry without deleting any pre-existing notes.)

Finally, a feature whereby I can select multiple entries in JabRef and export the content of their associated notes file into a single text file.

Many thanks!