Writing notes in entries that do not appear in BibLatex source

Hi there,
I haven’t found anything regarding to my question so I’m going to ask here about it.

I’d like to write some notes about my sources in the respective entries. But in whatever field I wrote the notes (e.g. Abstract, Review,…) it always appears in my BibLaTex source. Is there any possible way to write some notes in my entries that won’t appear in the source?

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HI Kata,
this is not directly possible as JabRef uses the bib-file for storing all information. I.e., whenever you add “notes” they must be stored in the bib-file.

However, if you want to use your library in a TeX document without all your notes you could save a copy of your bib-file and then run an automatic operation to remove all notes using “Quality” -> “Set/Clear/Rename fields” with a setting like this:

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Thanks Matthias!
That is not the solution I hoped but something that will work out. Thanks very much.