Bibtex citations for many Pubmed references from PMIDs

How do I take a long list (approximately 1000) of PMIDs, and ask JabRef to download BibTeX citations for them from PubMed? Pasting them into the Search box does not work–all spaces are removed between them. Individual PMIDs work, but boolean does not: xxxxxxxx OR xxxxxxxx does not work (it produces no articles), and typing PMID:xxxxxxx OR PMID:xxxxxxx also leads to no hits. Though if I type “hiv or tb” in the search window, it does find articles (suggesting that boolean works in the window). This behavior is counterintuitive since these searches do work on pubmed itself. Parentheses do not help; etc. I can add a single entry at a time; this isn’t acceptable–I need to do many hundreds of these. I do not want article PDFs, just these citations. I don’t see anything in the jabref help, and am stuck in a rabbit hole. Sorry for the newbie question. Thanks.


it’s a bit confusing for newcomers. The search box is not intended for IDs (we are about to change that)
So you would have to go the way using New Entry → And then import by ID.
But this is cumbersome.

But the easiest option for batch would be to do a search on the pubmed website, and then

Send to → Bibliography manager → Create file

And then you can import the nbib file in JabRef via File → Import

A third option is to use the JabRef Browser extension. But that will only work for visible citations on a page.