Native PubMed search

I would like a native search mode for the PubMed database. The generic one provided is much less powerful than the one available through PubMed.

Could you please provide more details about what you would expect?

Maybe even screenshots and stuff?

There are more search fields and a less awkward syntax with PubMed (Help - PubMed). I would like to the search string just passed to PubMed without translation. PubMed uses AND by default and not OR. For example, I would prefer to type:

(pig OR swine OR porcine) NOT guinea 1982 [dp]

Also, the JabRef query

author:vigmond AND date:2022

does not give the same result as the PubMed query

vigmond[au] 2022[dp]

The JabRef result includes years that should not be there.


Thanks for the detailed response, I took a look in the code and saw that boolean operators are currently not handled for Pubmed. I will try to work on that.

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Forgot to update the thread. Release 5.7 includes supports for boolean search expressions AND/OR now as well.

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