Filtering with general fields

I am new to JabRef. I have tried the nice feature ‘General fields’ that allows me to add a custom tab with fields. Nevertheless, I do not see now how to use it. I mean, I would like to see for each new field a column in the table view and be able to order, use it for searching, … is it possible?

Thanks in advance,
Carlos A.

Indeed, JabRef is full of features, but it maybe difficult, some time, to find how to do things.

To display one of your new fields in the entry editor, goto Options -> Preferences -> Entry table. In the drop-own box, type in the name of your field and click on the + icon. Then you can rearrange the order of the columns.

To search for a value (Myvalue) in a particular field (MyField): in the search box, activate the regular expression search (click on .*) and type in MyField = “MyValue”. More on this at .

Thanks, it works perfectly!