Double-check the bibliography for predatory publishers and journals

In order to ensure that no articles from predatory journals or publishers are cited (or part of my literature), I want to compare the well-known predatory journals and publishers with my bibliography.

For this, I implemented a python-based application, which does exactly that, please see description/code/screenshots here:

Of course, it would be much more convenient, if it worked directly in JabRef.

Thanks for the tool, I think it could maybe be implemented as part of the integrity check and would be helpful for a lot of people.

I would suggest you open a Feature request at our github repostory. Or if you like, you could direclty implement it in JabRef :wink:


Thanks for your respond.

Apparently, on GitHub I get this message: “Please use the GitHub issue tracker only for bug reports and suggestions for improvements.
Feature requests, questions and general feedback is now handled at
Who is right now?


@CfKu Both :wink:

Github is for Bug reports and also concrete enhancements. In this case GitHub is more suited, because you can crosslink to your repo and there is already an implementation we could reuse.

Forum is more a place for discussing idea.

Filed at

Thanks ;), was about to add it there.

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