Easier access to Preview styles

The current range of preview styles is pretty amazing, but very hard to edit. I’d like, for example, to be able to make a copy of the Academy of Management preview, but remove the abstract and add the file field. Right now, that seems to involve reaching into the JabRef.jar file. Beyond being a challenge for the technically inept (read, “me”), this means any alterations will be lost if I reinstall JabRef (and perhaps if it is updated, I don’t know.

If it were possible to have the relevant Preview files moved out of the jar and into a separate directory (probably where preferences or application support belongs for a given platform), it would be easier for a user to rename, copy, and edit. Alternatively, i such a directory was available for additions to the files contained in the jar file, that would offer the same functionality with less chance of users removing something important.

So, the feature request is for relatively trivial access to a directory in which users could add their own preview styles. Thank you for your consideration.

Here comes the feature description…

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