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I selected some fields (journal, title, authors, doi, pages, volume, year) as the main ones to be added to an article entry.
When I create a new one (or modifying an existed one), the fields are too big, occupying all the space and I always have to scroll down to reach the other fields. This happens independently of the monitor size/resolution: they always occupied all the space available, forcing me to scroll up/down.

Is there a way to force/fix this in order the fields fits the space windows?



Sorry for the late response. Could you please add a screenshot?

Hi @ThiloteE Here are some pics. I was wondering if the area could fit into the given space, instead of occupying all the available one.

I am also wondering if there might be a work around for this. However, due to those two threads it seems its somehow out of reach:
Entry Editor Fields too high
allow changing height of entry fields

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you could try to change it via CSS by using a custom theme Custom themes | v5 | JabRef

Just to add to the discussion (updating as well a previous post Entry Editor Fields too high), in my case (Win10, Jabref 5.14) this behavior (too large fields with a lot of empty space) occurs only in the “Article” entry/“Required” fields. All other entry/field types can be shrunk down much more. This is strange…

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There seems to be a discussion about a similar topic going on over there: Line wrap in entry table. Maybe line wrapping could be of help here? Otherwise CSS or changing some Javafx code.

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The solution below works for the Table View.

.table-view .cell{
    -fx-cell-size: 5.6em;
    -fx-wrap-text: true

Where should I add it in order to modify all the bib entries cells? I tried separately (for title, year, journal) and nothing changed.

The Oracle JavaFX CSS reference might help pinpoint the property, and the text-area class looks like it could be a possibility (only a guess).


More potentially useful resources

The height of the fields in the entry editor required tab is determined in relation to all the other fields by the weight setting See jabref/src/main/java/org/jabref/gui/entryeditor/FieldsEditorTab.java at 2d179422ee7c55b01a02218e50d131d025ad62aa · JabRef/jabref · GitHub

The only option with the current implementation of the entry editor i see would be to use the compressed layout here like in the other tabs…