Special fields are not visible in entry table, values do not appear in entry table

I am using JabRef 5.2 and would like to show special fields in the entry table.

Under /Options/Preferences/Entry table, I have ticked “Enable special fields”.

The link to the help for this feature is dead. The “Write values of special fields…” is truncated, but I guess the ratings, priority, quality assurance should be written somewhere in the entry, but I don’t see them. “Synchronize with keywords” works. The “show extra columns” doesn’t: I don’t see any of these special columns in the entry table.


  • how can I see the special fields in the entry table?
  • where are the special fields values written?


After you ticked “Show extra columns” , you need to add them to the list from the dropdown (e.g. search for rank) Then they will show up in the entry table.

  • where are the special fields values written?

There are two possibilites. Synchronized with keywords: The values are written in the keyword field of the entry. The other option simply creates a new bibtex field for the entry (e.g. rank) and the value.

The help pages is now located here Mark and grade - JabRef

Thanks Christoph! This solved all issues.