How to change delimeter in biblatex source

I want to change the delimeter in biblatex source from {} to " " so my texstudio can read the new entries in .bib file to get automatically updated bibliogprahy. I want to change the biblatex source from: author = {J. Doe}
to: author = “J. Doe”

Hi Marcel,
thanks for your interest in JabRef and for your question.
I’m a bit confused, does texstudio not support standard bibtex / biblatex, but it’s own dialect? Is your texstudio correctly configured?

Replacing the delimiter in the biblatex source is not supported, this would require very deep changes in our architecture and our bibtex writer, as we are internally working with standard bibtex. But what probably does work is to create a custom jstyle ( to export your bib. Only downside is, you would have to manually export (file → export) the file after saving your bibfile.

Best, Carl

I just checked my own Bib file - it opens well in TeXStudio:

I am aware that the some BibTeX uses ". IMHO Most BibTeX tools go for {...} so that " does not need to be escaped.

Taken from Tame the BeaST:

Example of escapings:


thank you for your answers. I consulted my thesis mentor and he said the same thing. Seems like there is an issue with my configuration of TexStudio. The citations are added into my bibliography but whenever I cite it in my text using \cite{JDoe} command I keep getting error that the citation is underdefined but I don’t know what is missing either from the refference I am citting or the command \cite. The references themselves are updated using ISSN, ISBN or DOI codes so they have all of the necessary info.

Hi, in LaTeX citaton’s are referenced through the citation key, if you look at the screenshot from Oliver, the part after the entrytype e.g Decker2000 is the citation key.
You have to use \cite{Decker2000}. JabRef can autogenerate meaninful citation keys, usually authoryear

@Marcel_Carman Please check the reference to your .bib file in your latex document. Look for \bibliography{library} and ensure that library.bib exists.

Also check your logs.

I always recomend texlogsieve. Should be available in MiKTeX out of the box.

Thank you for the answers again. I am using the proper citation keys and the library.bib or in my case Reference.bib does exist in the file where the .tex file is located.

If you need a workaround and still want to replace the curly braces with quotations, here is a regular expression to help you do it.


(?<=^[^=]+?= *)\{|\}(?=,*$)(?<!^\})

Replace with


The “Find” expression will match:

  • The first { following the first = in a line (with any number of spaces surrounding the =) OR
  • } (with or without a trailing comma) at the end of a line, where } does not occur at the the beginning of the line (i.e., not the closing brace of a biblatex entry).

Sorry for the late response, but usually it is best, if you could provide a minimum non-working example that includes a small tex file and the entry in your bib file. If uploading the file is not possible, you can provide the contents of the file in code blocks. See Markdown Code Block: Including Code In .md Files - Markdown Land for an example.