Improve keywords with categories or thesaurus

With many thousands references it is difficult to manage the database. By the way JabRef could not only be a database to build bibliographies but also it is a mean to replace web favorites and access web pages at work. So it is necessary to add more organization functions :slight_smile:

Keyword : it is difficult to remember what keyword has been put in a reference after few days. Autocompletion is not an efficient way to retrieve a specific keyword not in memory. It could be a good feature to display alphabetical list (combobox)

Rubrics : a rubric let user organize keywords in a hierarchical maner. At edit time user could navigate from rubrics, it’s better than autocompletion to reuse the good keyword. When you are looking for references with rubrics JabRef could use hierarchy to display all references below a rubric (with hierarchical link activated or not).

Thesaurus : Like rubrics but with ‘no descriptors’ keywords and ‘look for’ other terms. Keywords (we said descriptors with a thesaurus) are organized in a hierarchical maner, but you can add links from one descriptor to others and you can add no descriptors that point to descriptors to use for. This is the more intelligent organization. Thesaurus could be imported with respect to standards or making by the user for specific one.

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