Is it possible to display the ranking as a digit instead of stars which need a lot of space?

I am already a bit short on space for the columns that get shown in the main window and the ranking is an important field for me. However, showing it using the stars requires a lot of space while using a single digit 1-5 would be as informative but much more compact. Is there an option already to change how to display the ranking and if not, could we get one?

Please vote if you support this proposal:

  • I would like to have this feature, too!
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Please vote if you support this proposal:

I don’t use rankings so …

  • I don’t care.


I would like bump this post. I also think that such a feature would be great.

Another way to improve readability is to color code it. In that case one field, or the whole entry line could be colored according to the rating value. It is similar to colormaps in plotting tools. The user could also specify his list of colors.
If the rating is color coded into the entry, than no dedicated coloumn is necessary. This method could be applied to any numeric value.

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