Managing keywords no longer possible in version 3.7

I just downloaded version 3.7 and discovered that keywords can no longer be managed (i.e., adding keywords to the list of existing keywords and inserting keywords in the keywords field from the list).

In version 3.6, there used to be buttons on the right side of the keyword field to manage keywords. This seems no longer the case in version 3.7. That would be disappointing, as I had developed a long list of keywords.

Can somebody help? Thank you.


the Option to Manage keywords is under Edit -> Manage keywords


Christoph, thank you.

Unfortunately, this does not solve my problem. It seems that in version 3.7 the only way to see all the keywords I created is to highlight all entries in the database and select “Display keywords appearing in ANY entry” in the Manage Keywords option under Edit. This is cumbersome compared to version 3.6 when I could create a new entry and just click on the right side of the keywords field to display all the various keywords in the database.

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Where are the content selectors (“Wortauswahl verwalten”), e.g. “@Comment{jabref-meta: selector_author:…”, or by what are they replaced? I used them a lot! The function “Manage Keywords” is not a suitable replacement because:

  • It is only for keywords and not for the other fields
  • when I try adding keywords it does not work.

Autocompletion is not a suitable replacement because it does not serve the same purpose because I cannot see and manage the list of possible entries.

Or should “Manage protected terms” (“Geschützte Terme verwalten”) fulfill the function? I could not find out how this works.

See Content selectors are removed - the functionality has been removed - but will be reintroduced in the next release.

“Manage protected terms” is no replacement for this but offers a ability to define “protected terms” which are not affected if a the casing is changed (i.e., basically these terms will be put into { } braces which causes BibTeX to render them in the exactly in the form they are defined.).

Thank you, that is good news.

I just returned to Jabref 3.6 for that reason. Works fine, except that 3.7 actually deleted the selectors! Fortunately I had them in a backup. Daniel