Page number in Physical Review entries

I import papers from the APS Physical Review journals using the “Library -> New Entry -> DOI” feature. It looks something like this:

author = {L. Stenzel and A. L. C. Hayward and U. Schollwöck and F. Heidrich-Meisner},
journal = {Physical Review A},
title = {Topological phases in the Fermi-Hofstadter-Hubbard model on hybrid-space ladders},
year = {2020},
month = {aug},
number = {2},
volume = {102},
doi = {10.1103/physreva.102.023315},
publisher = {American Physical Society ({APS})},

Notice that there is no page number. But it is standard for APS journals to set the page number to the article ID, here “023315”. In fact, setting the page number to the article ID is necessary to get the right output from the APS Revtex document class in LaTeX.

I was wondering if it would be possible or desirable to add back the page number in Physical Review imports. It would make life much easier for everyone who uses APS journals and Revtex.

Thank you.


I face the same problem, and each time I have to add them manually. Please, if you find a solution let me know?


JabRef only processes the bibtex returned from and the bibtex does not contain a page number.
I also see to way to provide an automatic detection.
However, I think this special case could be probably implemented as cleanup/Formatter option.

@Siedlerchr thanks for the response! may you please elaborate how the code in the link can help us, I go there but don’t understand how to implement that to solve the problem. Thanks a lot

I think I gave a wrong hint. I think it should be implemented as part of the Cleanup Operation. For example the DOI Cleanup could be seen as an example on how to implement a new class.

  1. Access the BibEntry object
  2. Check for existence of field DOI
  3. extract the article id from it
  4. set the value of the Field Page to the extracted article id

That should be sufficient and relatively easy to implement. Of corse otherwise the action/class has to be added to the list of possible cleanups.

Thanks a lot for your kind response!
May you please explain it in a user language:-).I am not a developer and all I can do is to use JabRef and I don’t understand how to implement the code you posted using JabRef to solve the problem.

Ah sorry. my fault, it was intended for developers. Someone needs to implement it first in JabRef before you can use it. I will transfer the issue over to github. Someone might be interested in fixing/implementing that.

Thanks, that would be great, and we would really appreciate it if we can be informed here in the case it is solved.

For Reference here is the issue, you can watch it:

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@benjamindanjou @Hasan_Al_Shehab Good news. Someone is working on it.
It would be cool if you could help answer the questions raised in the issue comment, as you probably have some more experience with the article ids/numbers