Page number in Physical Review entries

I import papers from the APS Physical Review journals using the “Library -> New Entry -> DOI” feature. It looks something like this:

author = {L. Stenzel and A. L. C. Hayward and U. Schollwöck and F. Heidrich-Meisner},
journal = {Physical Review A},
title = {Topological phases in the Fermi-Hofstadter-Hubbard model on hybrid-space ladders},
year = {2020},
month = {aug},
number = {2},
volume = {102},
doi = {10.1103/physreva.102.023315},
publisher = {American Physical Society ({APS})},

Notice that there is no page number. But it is standard for APS journals to set the page number to the article ID, here “023315”. In fact, setting the page number to the article ID is necessary to get the right output from the APS Revtex document class in LaTeX.

I was wondering if it would be possible or desirable to add back the page number in Physical Review imports. It would make life much easier for everyone who uses APS journals and Revtex.

Thank you.